Who Are the People Behind It?
"One's feelings waste themselves in words; They ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results."
Name: S.Balasubramanian
Designation: Managing Trustee
Nature of Work: Planning and Administration
Name: B.Chitra
Designation: Jt.Mg. Trustee
Nature of Work: Bangalore Office and assisting
Name: P. Jayapandian
Designation: Trustee
Nature of Work: Bangalore Office assisting in Hospital co-ordanition

Founder and Managing Trustee: Mr Balasubramanian, a philanthropist, has been contributing in many ways to the society. The philanthropic attitude runs deep down in his family. His father had the habit of donating food and nourishment to various social service organizations as far back as the 50s. He inculcated this spirit in his children by taking them along to these organisations.
Mr Balasubramanian caught on to this habit and continued his services right from his younger days. He has contributed in small ways, even during his banking days, for over 31 years by conducting medical camps in all the branches he served. He had given Rs. 1001/- towards the national defence fund to the then Governor of Madras, His Excellency K.K.SHAH.
Ever since his voluntary retirement from SBI in 1996, he has been helping people in many different ways. He even took up a course in handmade flowers, pot painting, metal engraving, batik printing, and other skills that would in turn help him to train others. With this, he started 'Women's Welfare Syndicate' in 1998 to empower women in the lower strata of the society. Soon, they started helping patients by raising funds for surgeries. Soon after that he branched out to widen his scope of service under Save Poor Lives.
Joint Management Trustee: Mrs B. Chitra, a housewife for 34 years, turned into a visionary in the last ten years. Under the guidance of her husband Mr Balasubramanian, she helped the SPL office at Bangalore. And it was also under her assistance and guidance that the Bangalore office successfully completed 112 operations in 1 year.
Trustee P. Jayapandian, A humble and God fearing man, takes care bv verifying the Patients details, visiting hospitals to see the patients who are operated and safely discharged.